Jose Gonzalez

About Me

Jose is the Expert of Sustainable Businesses, where he leads the team to identify opportunities and design and implement sustainability strategies while managing the clients’ transformational environment and driving growth. He has over 15 years of experience in operational excellence and transformation change management, delivering sustainable benefits to multi-million dollar projects in the USA and Latin America, streamlining their processes and operations, while designing and implementing management systems as key enablers.

Jose delivers integrated sustainable solutions to businesses at all levels of the organization. He works on opportunity identification, project design, and implementation focus not only on operations and strategy but also on building an environment for change and innovation, employee engagement and productivity, consumer loyalty, management and communication systems, data analytics, and cost controls, while managing risks, driving growth, and reducing legal exposure.

Prior to that, Jose was a management and operations consultant and has undertaken a wide range of assignments across several capabilities in different industries: manufacturing, consumer package goods, retail, logistics, import & export, chemical, pulp and paper, and mining. His areas of expertise include business performance management, operational excellence, process optimization, management systems, cost control, contractors’ management, maintenance effectiveness, equipment reliability, and asset management.

During his assignments, Jose’s expertise was used to integrate different stakeholders at different levels of the organization while working on the same objectives. Organizations’ cultural changes were assessed, designed and implemented in close loop systems where data, planning, measurements, results tracking, organizational, and behavior changes were integrated. Jose is a strong believer that a solid transformation environment and integration among its units are key to deliver a sustainability impact.

Jose holds an MBA from the Darden Business School at the University of Virginia, and a BBA in Business from Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru. He is fluent in Spanish, English, and German.

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