Margarita Isaza

About Me

Margarita is a business strategy expert at IMPACTO with 12 years of experience in entrepreneurial endeavors, and in providing innovative and creative solutions to market and mission-driven businesses. Margarita advises clients on how to develop new business ideas with a focus on the market landscape and value proposition, considering industries, countries, and environments. She is also responsible for promoting Impacto, helping direct its strategy for growth, and developing its impact investing curriculum.

Margarita is a start-up business leader for Piranha Ventures Corp, a marketplace platform that leads e-commerce in Latin America. She has been responsible for assessing the risk-return tradeoffs across the firm while developing strong partnerships with banks and logistics entities to integrate unique processing platforms that solve trust and scalability problems in Latin America.

Previously, Margarita worked at the Inter-American Development Bank’s Pensions department where she conceptualized and implemented changes to the organization’s pension program to enhance and create greater efficiencies for the employees at the bank.

Margarita is leveraging her strategy, senior management, and board leadership experience in the seaport and logistics private sector to help the IMPACTO team activate more capital toward social good. With 8 years in investment experience at MyH Inversiones and Grupo Empresarial del Pacifico (GEPSA), she has developed a profound knowledge of the interconnectedness between projects that are impactful in a competitive landscape and strategically collaborating across borders to scale-up partnerships for all stakeholders. Margarita remains on the board and investment committees at MyH Inversiones and GEPSA to facilitate long-term planning, decision-making process, plan implementation, and supervise accountability measures on the companies’ portfolio. She also mobilizes investment capital to achieve positive impacts within communities.

During her time at DHL Global Forwarding, Margarita forged strategic alliances and managed cross-functional and cross-cultural teams, while also complying with financial constraints.

Margarita has an MBA from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai, China, and a BA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Miami. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Italian.

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