Mona Samadi

About Me

Mona is a prospective gender and human rights expert at IMPACTO, and brings 15 years of experience in law management, research, and analysis. She is a published research-focused thought leader with expertise spanning education and research management, university lecturing, political research and writing, policy analysis, academic administration and leadership, performance assessment, and mentorship. She advises clients on various issues related to human rights law, from a global perspective, as well as national and regional. She researches human rights violations, reviews if standards of human rights are met, and delivers keen research insights and strategies in various forms of policy analysis.

She is currently an associate professor of law at Örebro University and has served in various influential and respected leadership positions. Her most recent research project deals with women’s rights related to economic and gender equity.

Mona has taught in the areas of international law, human rights law, women’s rights, Islamic law, comparative law, and jurisprudence, which are also her main areas of research. In particular, she focuses on how the Islamic marriage contract/pre-nuptial agreement can be used as a tool of empowerment for women economically, by attaining rights that states have not afforded women.

She has a PhD in Law from Örebro University, Sweden, and a postdoc from the George Washington University, USA, and has been a research scholar at leading institutions such as Princeton University and Toronto University. In 2014, she was named a Future Leader by the Atlantic Council. She is fluent in English, Swedish and Persian.

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