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    Capacity Building

    Impacto builds organization’s capacity on sustainability and impact. Through tailored training events and other learning tools, we help organizations to grasp what these key concepts mean among different industries, learn what their competitors are doing to generate positive impact, and familiarize with best practices. We facilitate internal dialogues within organizations to get buy-in from staff and leadership, as well as external dialogues within the sector and impact ecosystem to foster knowledge creation and innovation.

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    Strategic Advisory

    IMPACTO develops custom-made strategies, offers a wide range of analyses, and designs and implements pioneering management and measurement frameworks to define and prioritize goals, identify opportunity areas for impact and potential challenges, achieve expected milestones, standardize metrics for benchmarking purposes, ensure correct adherence to plan, measure ongoing results and track progress, and take corrective actions when needed.

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    Research and Evaluation

    IMPACTO offers organizations applied research methods and evaluation tools to assess their impact with scientific rigor. We use gold-standard methodologies, cutting-edge measurement tools, and data analytics to assess organizations’ sustainability, collect field data, analyze results, evaluate prospective or retroactive impact, and systematize learning, and long term, generate a body of evidence that informs and improves their decision-making process and enhances their impact.

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    Dissemination & Communication

    IMPACTO designs and implements dissemination and communication solutions to enhance the availability, visibility and impact of organizations’ results. We systematize reporting, develop dissemination materials, design plans and strategies, and offer other communication services to ensure organizations results are effectively distributed, adequately reach stakeholders and larger targeted audiences, and ultimately leverage impact.

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