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About Me

Rafael is a Data Analytics & Governance Advisor at IMPACTO. Rafael brings over 20 years of experience in data analytics and governance, management consulting, banking, and business development. He has domain expertise in credit and operational risk—productive finance—such as the development of financial services, training, and advice for communities living in vulnerable conditions.

Rafael is currently working on the development of new sustainability and impact products and services that comprehensively integrate a solid analytics foundation to improve evidence-based decision making and ensure continuous improvement for our clients.

Rafael is Teradata’s Consultant Director, an analytics corporation where he leads artificial intelligence and data governance projects in several industries such as telecommunications, governance, and banking. Rafael works in different countries in Latin America, developing and managing analytics projects that cover the implementation of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and big data solutions, aligned with benefits for different stakeholders. Recently, Rafael has been working on evangelizing the benefits of Cloud migration and the different new capabilities available in that space.

Rafael’s career spans senior roles in corporate banking at Citigroup where he worked with other financial sponsors to help them structure and raise funds totaling over $50 billion of capital. He also has extensive experience helping public sector, corporate, and financial institution clients raise debt and equity capital to fund and grow their businesses. Rafael also has a number of diverse experiences in productive finance, including recently advising Peruvian cooperative banks in Peru to reach data democratization among their peers, working with social enterprises, informal sector companies, and the cooperatives themselves, acting as a pro bono consultant.

Earlier in his career, Rafael worked as a data scientist specialized in credit and operational risks. Rafael can use SQL, SAS, R, or Python, this knowledge together with his business acumen and intellectual curiosity, allows him to have an integral view of projects. Recently, Rafael has been acting as a mentor for Aporta, a social impact platform associated with MIT, to teach economic agents in the society how to gain a data driven mindset or culture.

Rafael is an Economist from Universidad de Lima with multiple postgraduate studies specializing in analytics and behavioral economics. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and English.

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